Open Seminars, in General in Swedish (normalt på svenska), in
Software Engineering and System Development

Open seminars related to software engineering, and system design and development, are arranged at the Department of Science and Engineering, ITN, at Campus Norrköping.

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  • Sluten Workshop 28-29 april 1999 om
    Kreativt skapande i grupp: kunskap, förmåga och lärande - motivation, engagemang och samverkan i ett industriellt perspektiv.

  • "NySUM", a new umbrella project funded by NUTEK from January 1st, 1998, and supported by Whirlpool and by Ericsson Utvecklings AB.

  • Recent talks and publications

  • System and Software Architecture and, in particular, industrial full scale evaluation of: software development models, methods, languages, tools, integrated support environments, etc.

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