Workshop on Organizational Learning
as a Strategy to Support Advanced Industrial Development

Stafsjö Wärdshus, Nyköping. September 24th-25th, 1998.
Workshop Program:
Thursday September 24th:

12.00-13.00	Lunch
13.00-13.20	Welcome. Purpose and context of the workshop. 
                (Bengt Lennartsson)
13.20-13.45	Participants introduce themselves. (all of us)
13.45-15.00	Introduction to Organizational Learning 
                (Jerry Lapides	
15.00-15.20	Coffee/tea break
15.20-16.00     Experiences from Michigan University 
                (Jerry Lapides,	
16.00-16.45	Method and tool support for OL? Any system development model? 
                (BengtLennartsson, Lars Taxén, Tommy Wedlund,
16.45-17.15	Experiences from ideation/concept phases at the Whirlpool arena
	        (Roland Ekinge)
17.15-18.30	Experiences from other arenas (all of us)
18.30-20.00	Dinner
20.00-21.30     Discussion on topic to be selected.
                  TQM vs LO? Are our universities LO?  
                  When is the LO needed? 
	          Any other topic?
21.30 -	Bear, soft drinks, snacks.

Friday September 25th:
07.00-08.00	Breakfast served

Björn Ringom, from the Ringom Institute in Norway, will give a survey 
of how the contribution to a team may depend on the mental and 
emotional state of the individual members. How can human attitudes 
and behavior be improved, trained, to support the team organization. 
(All in my words; not approved by Björn Ringom).
There will be lectures, exercises, and discussion.

08.15-10.00	Björn Ringom, Session 1.
10.00-10.20	Coffee/tea break
10.20-12.00	Björn Ringom, Session 2.
12.00-13.00	Lunch
13.00-15.00     Control group meeting. 
                Free discussion for others. 
                Björn Ringom will be available all afternoon.
15.00-15.30	Coffee/tea. Closing session

List of participants:

Jesper Andersson
Thomas Andrésen
Jan Appelqvist          
Lennart Axelsson
Christian Berggren	
Kristina Davidson Söderman 
Roland Ekinge
Lars-Erik Ewerts        (Thursday)
M. Jeanne Girard
Mats Idebro		(Friday)
Jörgen Jonsson
Swatantra K. Kachhal	
Jerry Lapides 		
Bengt Lennartsson
Arne Otteblad
Björn Ringom 		(Friday)
Lars  Taxén		
Tommy Wedlund
Peter Värbrand

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